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I AM ELEVEN is ideal for students of various stages and areas of study, and the license also comes with extensive educational resources, including access to our web portal and international pen pal program. 

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teacher's reactions:

" It was a great film, and extremely relevant to our teaching. Our kids need to develop empathy, receive more exposure to universal problems, and hear more perspectives."    – Middle School Teacher, San Francisco, USA

Here is a video with a teacher's reaction to the film. Thanks to Adam Mitchell for sharing his experience.

"I AM ELEVEN was a wonderful tool for us to use in our interdisciplinary Global Childhoods course. The film allowed the students to explore interesting questions in psychology and sociology, including how children view themselves and institutions, how children understand privilege and inequality differently, and what spaces and pieces of material culture say about children’s lives. And, we all loved the film! We found the film to be an engaging and insightful teaching tool and would recommend it to other college professors." – Michelle Janning (Sociology) and Erin Pahlke (Psychology), Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington, USA)

"Excellent age appropriate introduction to many social studies concepts such as cultural differences, impacts of war, diversity of social economic conditions - how we are affected by the resources we can access..."  – Middle School Teacher, San Francisco, USA
"Our students really connected with other eleven year olds around the world. They could seen how they are similar, but also how they are different. It gave them a worldly perspective on their lives and others like them."  – Middle School Teacher, San Francisco, USA
"It was also so valuable to have the filmmaker present. This provided students with a better understanding of filmmaking and the goals of the film." – Middle School Teacher, San Francisco, USA
"Fun to meet the director and producer. They were an excellent team." – Middle School Teacher, San Francisco, USA
"Thank you again for such a wonderful visit. The students very much enjoyed both the film and the special guests.  A few of the students were able to go to the premiere this past weekend and take their families with them.  One girl, in fact, was so excited when Genevieve recognized her!  Thank you for organizing such an amazing opportunity and we look forward to working with you again in the future." – Middle School Teacher, San Francisco, USA
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