"Congratulations on an outstanding film. Highly engaging and life-affirming. Wish I was 11 again" - David

"The eleven year olds in this film are infectious. Their untrammeled optimism and precocious insights work on your unconscious, leaving you with a great sense of hope." - Jeffrey Karoff

"I think this movie was absolutly amazing! I loved how all the kids were my age and had so many different stories.I enjoyed watching the movie and seeing how we can all connect even though we are not in the same country! This move opened my eyes to poverty, to happiness and to so much more.I hope that there will be a sequel and I congratulate Genevieve and Henrik on getting your award! I rate this move 5/5!!!" - Hannah

LOVED IT! I went to see it with my friend and I absolutely LOVED it! I saw a bit of what it is like to live in such different places at age 11. I had so much fun watching the movie.  – Love, Tilly, Mia, Delaney, Charlie, Beth, and Katja