upcoming canadian SCREENINGS (more TBA)!

  • CISV LONDON, Ontario
    • Saturday, May 7th at 7:30pm
    • Joanne and Peter Kenny Theatre
    • 266 Epworth Avenue
    • Event info here

The film is now available on dvd & for public screenings:  

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past screenings: 

  • 15/4/16 - VANCOUVER, BC, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Simon Fraser University (CISV)
  • 6&13/4/16 - CALGARY, AB, Cardel Theatre (CISV)
  • 17/03/16 - SASKATOON, SK, The Broadway Theatre (CISV)
  • 20/02/16 - OTTAWA, ONTARIO, The Mayfair Theatre (CISV)
  • 20/02/16 - VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Cinecenta Films (CISV)
  • 15/02/16 - HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, Dollhouse University (CISV)
  • July 2015 - VANCOUVER